Determine the type of event you wish to organize in support of the Scleroderma Society of Ontario and develop an action plan to help you accomplish all the necessary tasks in a timely manner. Connect with us to review your plan, request supporting materials and align on priorities.


Major event planning milestones typically include:

Determining the type of event

  • Life celebration (i.e.: birth, birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation)

  • Fitness challenge (i.e.: walk/run/bike)

  • Memorial

  • Community event (i.e.: bake sales, car washes, breakfasts)

  • Other

Budget development

  • Projected expenses & revenues

Recruiting volunteers

Securing the venue

Event Promotion

  • Scleroderma Society of Ontario website

  • Social media

  • Personal fundraising web page

  • Invitations

  • Local news

  • Other

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Hamilton Walk 2018.jpg
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